What if I disagree with my assessment?

The first step is to contact the appraiser in the Department of Real Estate Valuation who covers the area where your property is located. During this informal session, you can find out how the assessment was made and what information is available about your property. After this review, if you still think the assessment on your property is incorrect the next step is to file a formal appeal in the office. The appeal form (PDF) must be filed with the Department of Real Estate Valuation on or before the deadline. Appeal forms are available in the Real Estate Office and available online. If you cannot come to the office a form can be emailed to you. Once a written appeal is made, an appraiser from the office will request an inspection of your property. During that inspection, you may point out to the appraiser any information or factors that might affect the value of the property.

Appeal Form Instructions (PDF)

After the inspection, you will receive written notification of the decision with regard to the property value of your property.

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1. What are the three steps in the appeal process?
2. What are the appeal procedures and deadlines?
3. How can I know if my assessment is correct?
4. What if I disagree with my assessment?
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