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At Delta Dental of Virginia, we are passionate about good oral health. In fact, dental benefits coverage is our specialty. For more than 50 years, we have been working to improve the oral health of Virginians by providing flexible, affordable dental benefit plans and building the largest network of participating oral health providers in the state.

Our passion for our work is paying off with more than two million Virginians now using Delta Dental of Virginia for their dental health benefits. We proudly serve more than 4,700 groups, 250 local governments and school systems and more than 77,000 individuals with dental benefits that are easy to administer, easy to use and most importantly… cost efficient.

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Delta Dental of Virginia is a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation.

Local Company with National Coverage

Delta Dental of Virginia is a member company of the Delta Dental Plans Association, the nation’s largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier providing dental coverage to more than 73 million people in more than 129,000 groups across the nation. Through this association, Delta Dental of Virginia subscribers have access to the most extensive network of oral health care providers in the country – the Delta Dental Premier network1.


Dental Plan Summary


Diagnostic & Preventative Services  100%
Basic Services  80%
Major Services  50%
Deductible (applies to Basic & Major Services) $25 per person; 75 per family, per calendar year 
Maximum (per person) $1,000 per calendar year
Annual Maximum 

$1,250 per enrollee, per calendar year 

MaxOver Carryover Plan allows a portion of an enrollee's annual maximum to be carried over to the next year
Waiting Period None
Healthy Smile, Healthy You Program Plan provides additional cleanings and/or application of topical fluoride to enrollees with specific health conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, high-risk cardiac conditions or who are undergoing cancer treatment via chemotherapy and/or radiation.  Enrollment in the Healthy Smile, Healthy You Program is simple. Visit to print an enrollment form


  Ortho Coverage
Coinsurance 50%
Lifetime Maximum (per person) $1,000
Waiting Period None