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It’s Never Too Late
This year’s Teacher of the Year in Salem is living
proof that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.
Andrew Lewis Middle School’s enthusiastic and ultra-popular 7th grade science teacher, Sherri Shupe, has been selected to represent the City of Salem School Division as the 2011 Teacher of the Year.
“I don’t know that I believe
I’m the best of the best, but
I do strive to have fun with the kids and teach them what they need to learn in a meaningful way,” she says. “It’s very exciting to see the light bulbs go off.”
At first glance, Shupe’s life science class room looks no different than many others
Salem School Division Teacher of the Year Sherri Shupe
at Andrew Lewis. But do a little exploring and you’ll find a ball python, a rat, a gecko, hermit crabs, turtles and even some moths.
“The students are very interested in living things at this age and they get very excited about the different species and learning about their life cycles, and
gestation periods,” she says.
Shupe has been inspiring students at Andrew Lewis for 16 years with her bright smile and creative talents. She not only brings science to life, but she also sings the national anthem at basketball games, performs with her kids in talent shows and represents the ALMS faculty on several committees.
“Teaching is not just merely what Mrs. Shupe does, it is who she is,” says
Superintendent, Dr. Alan Seibert. “Sherri has a teacher’s heart, mind, and soul which is why she answered the call to teach.”
Shupe is Salem born and Salem bred, but she didn’t exactly follow a normal path to higher education. Believe
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