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Mark Waldron Performs at the Oak Grove Church of the Brethren
The stereotypical computer programmer isn’t usually the one you find out front on stage
opening up his heart and bearing his soul for complete strangers, but then again, Mark Waldron isn’t your typical computer geek.
Salem’s Director of Management Information Systems, was at the forefront when the first computers rolled into City Hall way back in 1981, but the truth is - he’s been programmed for a higher calling much longer than that.
“Music is my passion and my ministry and what I feel like I need to be doing,” he says. “It’s very much a part of who I am.”
Mark’s mother, Betty, was his biggest musical influence growing up in the Bent Mountain area of Roanoke County. And when he was a youngster, she purchased a guitar at the old Cannaday’s store on Route 220 and he started practicing at home. Mark was fascinated by his mother’s singing and auto harp playing abilities and he would play and sing along with her every chance he could.
“As far back as I can remember, we sang as a family,” he says. “On the months that had five Sundays we’d go to the Copper Hill Church of the Brethren in Floyd to sing, and since I was so little, I always had to stand on a stool when we did our songs.”
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Mark and his mom, Betty

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