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  “The disc drives alone were bigger than a record player and the software was very hard to work with, so we started writing our own programs and bringing things in- house for payroll and other services around 1982,” says Waldron.
He’s now been with the city 30 years and he still oversees the software for most of the financial functions for both the city and the school division for a variety of tasks from payroll to collections. He also gladly shares his musical talents whenever the city needs them. When the children from Total Action Against Poverty make their way through City Hall during the Christmas season, Waldron is
the one wearing the bright red
and green cap and singing
Jingle Bells with the kids.
“God gives us all gifts and I feel like singing and playing music are my gifts,” he says.
The TAP kids and the thousands of adults he’s touched over the years are thankful he’s been willing to share those gifts. Besides performing LIVE, he’s recorded more than a dozen CDs including two with his mother and three with
The infamous 1957 GMC Tour Bus
“Beckon Call.” And the truth is – people of all ages appreciate his talents.
Proof of that came just a few weeks ago when the members of “Beckon Call” were closing out a two-performance Sunday that started with a 4 a.m. drive to Louisa County and ended with a show in Bedford that wrapped up around suppertime.
“We were grabbing a quick bite to eat
Wendy’s on 460 when this man came up and thanked us for our ministry,” he says. “We’re not out here doing it for the money or for the show, so when people tell us they appreciate what we do for the smaller churches - we really take that to heart. It lifts us up and energizes us.”
Kind of like a computer upgrade.
- MS
 on the way home
at the
Waldron (seated on left) and Members of the Virginians Quartet
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