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   Gibson and some of his 2011 team members (L to R) Corbin Leitch, Laura Dodson and Kim Naylor
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Scott Gibson
Imagine working a 24-hour shift at your main job and then heading straight to your part-time gig.
It sounds crazy, but it also sounds like the work habits of Roanoke College women’s tennis coach Scott Gibson.
The Salem native jurt wrapped up his 13th season as the Maroons’ women’s coach, and during that time he’s managed to not only lead the program to new heights in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, but also climb the ladder and attain the rank of Lieutenant in the Salem Fire and EMS Department.
As Lieutenant in charge of Station 3 in Salem, Gibson oversees the Fire and EMS personnel in that section of the city, and when he’s not on the clock you can likely find him coaching tennis somewhere.
“Being a firefighter and a coach requires you to be competitive,” says Gibson.
“On the fire side, you want to help stop a person’s cardiac arrest or put a fire out as quickly as you can, so you can have a positive outcome. With the tennis, you’re sending your team out prepared to meet challenges and again, you’re looking for success in the end.”
Gibson says a big reason for his successes in both arenas has been his ability to keep things from getting too cluttered or complicated.
“My biggest philosophy whether I’m fighting a fire or coaching is to keep it simple,” he says. “The more you try to over think things and over correct them, the less chance you are going to have for success.”
When Gibson took over the Roanoke College women’s team in 1999, he inherited a program that had experienced very little success under a menagerie of coaches and one that was living in the basement of

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