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hile most college football satisfying than the honor of having her “It’s really frustrating when you work fans have been taking stock design chosen as the official artwork for the with people who don’t have any design of their teams during spring “Orange Effect” t-shirt. experience and yet they think something
Katie Rotanz
practice, at least one Hokie is already looking forward to November.
When Virginia Tech welcomes North Carolina to Lane Stadium on November 17 for the annual “Orange Effect” game, the design on the official bright orange game day t-shirts, that thousands of fans will be wearing for that Thursday night ESPN game, will belong to Salem native, Katie Rotanz.
Rotanz is a graphic artist who is set to graduate from Tech’s school of Visual Arts with a degree in Visual Communication Design this May. Her diploma will be a welcome sight, but only slightly more
“The first design I came up with had the world on top of Lane Stadium,” she says. “The judges said they loved my concept, but wanted me to do something a little different, so I stayed up to 4:30am one night applying their suggestions working on what turned out to be the final product.”
Her job was to design some original artwork that would accompany the 2011 slogan,“LaneStadium-LiveinYourWorld, Play in Ours.” It was at times a frustrating process that included a menagerie of small tweaks and changes to the design, but in the end, it was an experience that definitely prepared her for the working world.
looks good,” she says. “This process taught me that when you’re working with clients you can’t always do what you think is best. And actually, I’m really glad the judges made me work on it, because I honestly like the final design better than my first concept.”
That level of maturity is slightly different from the attitude Katie exhibited during the same competition two years ago.
“I submitted a design my sophomore year when the Student Government Association came to our class and asked us to work on the project as kind of a class competition,” she says. “My entry didn’t win, and I was
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