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 Inside City Hall
  Kevin Boggess - City Manager
New Park with a New aPProach
Hopefully, you’ve heard by now that Salem is planning to build a new park for dogs. Ever since the privately
owned “Six Wags” dog park on Apperson Dr. closed in January 2010, citizens have been requesting that the city look into creating a park where dogs and their owners can socialize.
Unfortunately, these requests began pouring in at the same time the recession was starting to have its greatest effect on the city’s budget. We looked at a number of options for such a park, but soon realized that the bottom line cost of an endeavor like this made it impossible. The funding
to start up a dog park and then maintain it properly with city employees simply didn’t rank high enough on Salem’s ever-growing list of priorities.
And while it’s never good business to rob Peter to pay Paul, we decided that there was nothing wrong with exploring how we might make the park a reality with the help of some of the city’s pet friendly patrons. So, a group of citizens, city staffers and some Council members began looking into ways to keep the Salem Dog Park relevant in the conversation without an outlay of tax dollars.
Of course, such an effort requires asking for donations at a time when extra money for any project is scarce. But we realized that one of the biggest expenses we would incur, the land, was already covered. A barren, triangular shaped vacant lot on Indiana St. was just the right size for the park. Plus, as an added bonus, it happened to be right beside the city’s Animal Shelter.
We got busy designing a low maintenance park, with City Planner, Ben Tripp, doing his best to keep the park affordable, safe, functional, and still aesthetically pleasing. Once we got a few renderings and facts together, the city’s Special Projects Manager, Teri Atkins, began the unenviable task of asking people to part with their money.
The fundraising efforts have gotten off to a great start thanks to several of
Kevin’s Corner
   The Proposed Dog Park will be adjacent to the Animal Shelter
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