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  our corporate citizens, who see this park as a tremendous addition to the city. Yokohama, which is right across the street from the site, opened up the donations by contributing $5,000. Soon after that, John M. Oakey and Son also handed the city a check for $5,000. The Salem Lions Club was the first civic organization to support the cause with a $2,000 donation, and several banking and business leaders like the Salem VA Credit Union, Servpro, Valley Bank and the Animal Care Center of Salem also have supported the endeavor with significant contributions.
The goal was set at $40,000 to construct the park, with the majority of that amount going to cover the cost of fencing. Thanks to the aforementioned donations and the generosity of other businesses and individuals we are almost halfway there.
The American Pet Products Association estimates that pet owners nationwide will spend $50 billion dollars on their animals in 2011. We’re hoping that just a small amount of that will trickle down to Salem and make the Salem Dog Park a reality for canines and their owners sooner rather than later.
Mayor Randy Foley accepting a donation of $5,000 from Yokohama’s Mitsuo Sakurai
Inside City Hall
Salem Dog Park
c/o Teri Atkins Special Projects Manager P.O. Box 869 Salem, Va. 24153
 City Council members Jane Johnson, John Givens, Lisa Garst and Bill Jones, City Manager Kevin Boggess and Teri Atkins pose with John M. Oakey and Son President Cathie Meador Thomas and Manager Jon Wilson
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Bill Jones John Givens Randy Foley Jane Johnson Lisa Garst
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