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Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you least expect them. Such is the case with our cover photo this issue. I was driving on College Alley and getting ready to turn onto Market St. one afternoon when I saw this beautiful blue pit bull pulling a Roanoke College student on his skateboard. I knew right then that this would make a great spring cover for the magazine. I gave the student one of my business cards and on March 24 we did the photo shoot for the cover in about 30 minutes at the college entrance off of Clay St.
The student is Cameron Lee, a senior Philosophy major from Roanoke and his dog is 2-year- old “Roscoe.”
“I had never ridden a long board until I got Roscoe,” says Lee. “The idea actually came from watching episodes of the ‘Dog Whisperer’ TV show.”
Cesar Millan often “walks” his dogs on the show while riding a skateboard, so Lee figured he could do the same and the results have been incredible.
“Roscoe pulling me on the long board has a variety of positive affects in terms of our relationship and his well-being,” says Lee. “It’s been my experience that pulling the long board not only gives him exercise, but also assigns him a task. Completing the task in a loving, social surrounding has transformed an intimidating dog with an aggressive stigma into a light-hearted socialite around the Roanoke College campus.”
Spoken like a true Philosophy major! -MS
Salem’s new Cat Licensing law has been more successful than anyone imagined thanks largely to some very responsible pet owners. When the new law, that requires cat owners to license their felines the same way dog owners have been doing for years, went into effect on January 1, no one expected the initial batch of 300 cat tags to sell out in a few short weeks, but they did.
In fact, the first three months that they were offered, cat owners purchased 500 tags. Salem’s Animal Control is hopeful that the tags will allow them to get a greater percentage of lost cats back to their owners because they can now be easily identified.
Charlie Phillips was recently honored for his many years of service to the Electoral Board in Salem when City Council proclaimed March 2 “Charlie Phillips Day” in the city.
Phillips was appointed to the board on March 1, 1992 by the Circuit Court Judges and he served
for 19 years on the three-member panel that makes sure elections in the city run smoothly.
“His guidance and expertise will be missed by his fellow Board Members, our office staff, the officers of election and especially me,” says Salem Registrar Dana Oliver.
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