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Going Green on the Greenway
  As part of its ongoing commitment to the environment, the City of Salem has a new pilot project in place to test the demand for recycling on the Salem portion of the Roanoke River Greenway. The city has partnered with “Star City Recycling” to provide this service at no cost to citizens for a two- year period.
 “It’s essential to keep trails as clean as possible and that includes our greenway,” says Salem City Councilwoman, Lisa Garst. “It’s also important to provide an alternative to the trash receptacles we currently have in place, for those who are looking to deposit recyclable materials.”
Recycling is available at three locations along the greenway in Salem - Rotary Park on Route 419, the Colorado Street Trailhead near the Colorado Street Bridge, and at Riverside Park on West Riverside Drive, near Mill Lane. The bins will accept different types of recyclables such as paper, plastic, metal, and all types of glass, without sorting.
“My goal is to make recycling the norm here in Salem and Roanoke County,” says Ed Arsura, Star City Recycling Owner. “Some people are still very resistant to recycling, and I feel the more recycling bins we can get out in the public eye, the more people will realize that recycling is something they can easily do, even at home.”
  Carver Principal Named
Starting this summer, Kristyn Shepherd will be the new principal at G.W. Carver Elementary School. She has been an integral part of the Salem School Division since 1998 when she was first hired as a Special Education teacher at South Salem. After spending a dozen years in that role, she then became the division’s coordinating teacher for Special Education, and in
2010 she was appointed to her current job as assistant principal at East Salem Elementary.
“I am very excited to join the faculty and staff at G.W. Carver as their new principal,” says Shepherd. “They have an outstanding teaching staff and a reputation of always putting students first. I look forward to working with assistant principal, Tomi Nave, to help the teachers continue that
tradition of excellence.”
Shepherd, who earned both her Bachelor’s
and Master’s degrees in Special Education from Radford University, will replace Dr. Joe Coleman, who is retiring at the end of the current school year.
“Kristyn Shepherd is in the midst of a distinguished career and both her prior experience and considerable expertise were abundantly evident during the interview phase of the search process,” says
Dr. Alan Seibert, Salem Superintendent of Schools. “G.W. Carver is a school with a rich history and a long legacy of extraordinary leaders and devoted teachers who have served generations of young people in Salem. Mrs. Shepherd will honor that history and build upon it in the years to come.”
She begins her new job on July 1. | SPRING 2014

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