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Designed to Protect & Serve
      The City of Salem Police Department has a new look this Spring that is more modern and more functional. Four new Chevrolet Caprice squad cars have been introduce into the Department’s fleet of vehicles to replace some high mileage automobiles.
Some of the old Ford Crown Victorias, that were replaced, had more than 160,000 miles on them, and their designs and logos hadn’t been updated since the late 1990s.
Chief Jeff Dudley let his officers submit designs for consideration. Originally, 11 ideas were on the drawing board before voting among the ranks narrowed the pool of entries to five. Eventually, a design idea from Senior Police Officer Carla Spencer was brought to life in the city’s Communications Department and named the winner.
“I think most of the department was excited about being able to participate in choosing the graphic design of the new cars,” says Dudley. “The ability to see the different
designs on paper on an actual Caprice body style was a big help when it came time to choose the final version and I appreciate the amount of time Clark Ruhland put into that phase of the project.”
Cars aren’t painted any longer beyond their base coat, so the next step was turning the design into a menagerie of decals. The Sign Factory on Brambleton Avenue in Southwest Roanoke County took the brightly colored vinyl, applied some heat and turned the white palette into full-fledged patrol cars.
“We have been posting progress reports on the ‘building’ of the cars on the department face book page so citizens can see how much time and effort goes into one of these cars,” says Dudley. “We have been getting a lot of positive feedback from those posts when it comes to the look of the cars and everyone is amazed at the amount of work it takes to get one of these cars on the road.”
In addition to the sleek new look and modern design, the cars are better equipped inside with new technology and safety features and these new cars are more fuel efficient.
Check out more images of the new patrol cars on the Salem Police Department’s facebook page located in the photos section at | SPRING 2014

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