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    Our Schools
The Salem City School Division is focused on continuous improvement. Every two years, the division collects School Climate Data to gauge stakeholder satisfaction on everything from learning environments to school lunches as part of the ongoing Comprehensive Planning Process. The results of the survey were positive and affirming, reinforcing the notion that Salem’s educators always strive to put children first.
OF PARENTS feel positive about their child’s school, believe that their child’s school provides a high quality education, and that the schools have a positive impact on the community
 89%OF PARENTS agree that the schools communicate effectively
and that schools are taking steps to promote positive peer-to-peer interactions
OF PARENTS feel that our schools provide caring, respectful, disciplined environments
OF PARENTS are pleased with the quality of food served in the cafeteria
SPRING 2014 |
Opportunities for Improvement
Parental Suggestions
Parents said communication, grading practices, school lunches, and facilities could be improved.

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