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A Long Time Ago
John Long - Salem Museum Executive Director 389-6760 89 YEARS AGO
Salem Junior Women’s Club Baseball Team. While we celebrate the 75th anniversary of professional baseball in Salem, let’s not forget that it’s never been a game just for the boys. Pictured here is the women’s baseball team from the Salem Junior Women’s Club, ca. 1925. These spirited ladies played other amateur clubs around the valley and, from the looks of it, had a great time on the diamond. Longtime Salem treasurer Louise Fitzgerald Hurt identified the players for the Salem Museum in 1999, using the later married names of the women where she knew them. Top row: James “Chili” Duncan, Margaret Stearnes Senter, Gene Senter, John Miller. Middle row: Janie Bradley McNeill, Louise Fitzgerald Hurt, Betty Dooley Frye, Mary Morgan Hill, Mary Faust, Edna Lace. Front row: Mary Tyler, Laura Smiley Franklin, Melda Frances Crawford, Frances Fitzgerald, Claudine Grimm Ball, Brooke Younger, Sarah Lance. Alone on bottom bleacher: Virginia Little.
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