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The Salem Educational Foundation launches a brand new website. By Mike Stevens
salem educational foundation and alumni association
SPRING 2015 |
You’re probably aware that the Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni Association has been giving Salem High School seniors scholarship money for
decades, but you may not know that this organization is the oldest and largest public education foundation in Virginia.
With an endowment of $3.2 million, the Foundation plans to hand out 90 scholarships worth an estimated $170,000 to deserving students this June.
“The good news is that we are giving a third of our high school students some type of scholarship and the consensus among our board members has been to help as many students as we can,” says Tommy McDonald, the Foundation’s
President. “We are adding some each year
and hope to be over 100 soon.”
 To help ensure this growth in scholarships and the resources needed to fund them, as well as strengthen alumni records, the Foundation has launched a new website that brings it into the 21st century in more ways than one.
“This new site allows us to push information out and make sure it stays current,” says Christine Poarch, SEFAA Board Member. “Having the right people in place to create and maintain this website makes it easier for our entirely volunteer board to more efficiently manage all of this information.”
Salem Education Foundation President Tommy McDonald
Poarch, like all of the Foundation’s board members, serves strictly on a volunteer basis. She, along with WordPress expert Matt Ayers and her own husband, Joey Poarch, created a site that can collect data, process it and customize it to fit everything from a specific group of qualified scholarship candidates to a group in search of an accurate alumni list for the class of 1986.

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