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                                   “When the alumni have reunions they come to us looking for a list of names, and this allows us to keep the alumni database current and make sure we have the information linked to the appropriate classes,” say Poarch. “We also want to be able to push campaigns related to specific endowments that have an emotional tie to the interested people who want to see them.”
with a complete description of every available scholarship.
“If your kid is a rising junior or senior in high school and they know they are going to be applying for scholarships then this is a wonderful resource that explains what all of the scholarships are, so the student can properly tailor their applications to the
 requirements of the endowments,” says Poarch.
Since 1984, the Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni
 Salem Education Foundation
Board Member Christine Poarch
Christine’s husband built the donor platform and alumni management system that sits behind the website and receives all of the data. His employer, Appirio, has a
Association has given graduating Salem High School students more than $3 million to help with their college expenses. The foundation’s “Dream Goal” is to one day be able to hand every student some type of scholarship, and this new website, along with an increased social media presence, should help make realizing that goal much more realistic.
program called “silver lining” that allows him to do 16 hours of pro bono work a year. He dedicated that amount time and much more to this project and as a result, the board can not only see what they are generating from campaigns, but also accommodate the needs of the board and the
“We certainly are always looking for new endowments and the growth of the foundation benefits all of Salem’s youth,” says Poarch. “The board is comprised almost entirely of Salem alumni, including some who have received scholarships themselves.”
 needs of the alumni association more effectively.
• Founded in 1983 by Andrew Lewis HS alumnus Dr. Richard Fisher
• Two scholarships were awarded in 1984 • 90 scholarships will be awarded this year • Endowment - $3.2 MILLION
“I think this gives people the opportunity to go onto the site, point and click and give money in a simple, safe and secure way,” says McDonald. “It’s much easier than writing a check, and when we are dealing with lifetime memberships and trying to have sustaining members who give on an annual basis, this makes the donations much easier to track.”
“I think we are all committed to the same idea that we want to make sure Salem students have as many opportunities as possible,” says Poarch. “The
Another huge feature of the
new website is the section that outlines the different scholarships and requirements for the various grants. Some of the guidelines are very specific, and the website now provides parents and students
Foundation is here to make sure money is available for higher education and vocational training for our young people now and in the future.”
Besides the website, the
Foundation is getting set to announce the formation of its new “Champions for Children” program. The goal of this initiative is to honor individuals who have done a tremendous amount for the children of Salem and are worthy of Hall of Fame status, but do not qualify because they did not graduate from either Salem or Andrew Lewis High Schools. | SPRING 2015

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