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AnimAl instincts
Chris Dillman’s service to the Salem community has earned recognition from his peers.
By Mike Stevens
person in the car didn’t quite match the description of the would- be-suspect. Just as he was verifying the license plate number, the man stepped out of his car and headed toward the building.
Salem’s Police Officer of the Year for 2014 is a veteran Animal Control Officer who has seen it all in his 28 years
on the force.
“I immediately got out of my vehicle and ordered the suspect to get on the ground,” he said. “We were able to detain and handcuff the suspect and take him into custody. Fortunately, he was unarmed and we
“Chris is a veteran officer and his service to the city has been exemplary,” says Tim Guthrie, Salem Police Chief. “I am so pleased that he has been selected by his peers to receive this award. It is truly an honor.”
haven’t had any more problems.”
Dillman is a 1986 Salem High School graduate,
Back in February of 2014, Senior Officer Dillman was on his way to another call shortly after starting his regular shift when he heard radio traffic in reference to a possible incident of workplace domestic violence. A male suspect had made threats to his girlfriend and was thought to be headed to her place of employment. Dillman had
who joined the Salem P.D. as a dispatcher in October of that same year. In the fall of 1992, he became a sworn police officer in the Animal Control Unit,
a description of the suspect’s car and information that the man was possibly armed when he began driving in that direction.
continued to grow personally and professionally,” says Mike Crawley, Salem Deputy Police Chief. “His leadership and unselfishness have made him a true asset to the police department and the
“He had made the claim that he was coming to the woman’s office to kill her,” Dillman said.
Salem community.”
During his career with the Salem P.D., Dillman
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Dillman quickly spotted the vehicle, but noticed that the
also worked for 15 years as a member of Salem’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) and he served on the Department’s Color Guard for 20 years.
“Over the course of his career, Chris has

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