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   Lake Spring Park’s renovations bring a new W beginning to Salem’s iconic scenery.
                      hen city officials decided last fall to completely 900 feet of brand new ornamental fencing that was built from shut down Lake Spring Park for extensive scratch with the help of Salem High School students. We have renovations, they knew this would be a defining added a landing area for the ducks to call home in the back of moment for the city landmark. the park that is complete with river rock, automated feeders and
              “The park had gotten to the point that one way or the other it had to be fixed,” says Mike Tyler, Salem Street and Maintenance Director. “We could no longer allow the park in that condition to be a black eye for the city.”
covered houses.
Over 100 feet of new concrete walkways are now in place
        Lake Spring had been a popular attraction for citizens and visitors dating all the way back to the late 1800s when the area was home to the once popular Lake Spring Hotel. In more recent times, Lake Spring Park has been the site of hundreds of wedding photos, prom pictures and, to this day, it is easily the most photographed place in the city.
that allow you to walk from one section of the park to the other uninterrupted. Flower beds, sod and shrubbery have been planted and a brand new filtration system has been added to ensure that the water in both ponds stays as fresh as possible.
   Unfortunately, it also had become one of the filthiest places in the city. The ducks and geese that were supposed to compliment the lake were dropping feces from one corner of the park to the other and often right in the middle of the pedestrian walkways.
In addition, vending machines that contain the correct type of food for the ducks are available throughout the park. Animal Control Officers also have helped educate the public on why no one should feed the ducks bread, french fries, donuts or other foods that lack nutritional value. Having the public embrace this new feeding plan is critical for the success of this project.
For months, city officials studied and researched the situation trying to find long term solutions to the problems. They decided on a plan that would bring the park back to life and once again make it an enjoyable place for children, parents and visitors.
“No pun intended, but we felt like the park was at the point where it was either going to sink or swim,” says Tyler. “We feel like this project has certainly helped eliminate the nastiness that existed and it has enhanced the park overall.”
  The improvements that have been executed by our Street and Maintenance Department employees during the winter and early spring have been extensive and successful. We have installed over
Giving the ducks the right kind of food and a defined area that they can now call home has given Salem its treasured park back. The city invites you to enjoy it in person and to also flip through the coming pages to see the timeline of recent improvements for yourself. | SPRING 2015

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