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those bottles,” says Counts.
Salem born and Salem bred, Counts graduated from Glenvar
  Counts had wanted to be a firefighter ever since he was a little boy, but first he had to focus on his chores at his father’s grocery store on Eddy Avenue.
Counts Grocery was a fixture in that
south Salem neighborhood from the
late 1950s through the mid-1980s
and Pat enjoyed everything about
working there except for sorting
the menagerie of drink bottles that
customers returned for a two cents
High School in 1970, and like so many young men with a desire to serve and help others, he joined
 “The one thing I learned from those experiences and from my dad in general, was the importance of working hard no matter what the task happened to be, even sorting
Counts (top left) with his fellow officers at the 9/11 rememberence event in 2011 at the Roanoke City Market.
Hired – 1974 Promoted to Lt. – 1990 Named Fire Chef – 2001
says Counts.
Chief Ronald Hartman may
SPRING 2015 |
COUNTS BY THE NUMBERS Years of Service – 40
Salem’s Volunteer Rescue Squad. “I really fell in love with firefighting while I was working with the Salem Volunteer Rescue Squad, but at the time, for some reason, Chief Hartman didn’t hire anyone off of the rescue squad,”
not have looked in that direction for new hires, but fellow rescue squad member Randy Smith, who was the city’s Personnel Director

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