Page 54 - Salem Magazine Spring 2015
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A Long Time Ago
John Long - Salem Museum Executive Director 389-6760 94 YEARS AGO
Salem Kiwanis Postcard Book. As Salem envisions ways to improve its downtown, it’s worth remembering that it’s not the first time we’ve made such an effort. In 1921, the Salem Kiwanis Club was founded with the goal of modernizing and improving Salem. Better roads, better schools, better fire protection and policing – The Kiwanis members pushed for all these things to move the small town into the modern world of automobiles and telephones. One top priority of the club: Pushing for the hiring of a town manager who could use his expertise to guide Salem into the modern age. Indeed, the first Salem manager, John Broome, was hired by 1922. As part of their efforts, the Kiwanis Club issued a booklet of local postcards in 1921 to raise funds. Rarely seen today, the sepia-toned photos form a great look back into our local past.
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