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Celebrating the End of an Era
When Tim Guthrie retired as Salem’s Police Chief on January 31, his departure marked the end of an era for the department.
“I cannot begin to express my appreciation to the residents of Salem who have supported me and my career in law enforcement,” says Guthrie. “Some great leaders made an investment in me
many years ago, and I feel very blessed that I have been able to start and
finish my career in the same place.”
Guthrie spent 34 years with the Salem
Police Department, while his predecessor
Chief Jeff Dudley, retired after a 37-year career. Their Chief, Jimmy Bryant, spent his entire 43 years in
law enforcement with the Salem Police Department and the man before all of them, Harry Haskins, was Salem’s chief for 20 years. The days of officers joining a force and staying in the same locality their entire careers is in large degree becoming a thing of the past.
“I was fortunate to serve under three of these great chiefs, and each helped set a high standard of service for the citizens of Salem,” says Mike Crawley, Salem Police Chief. “They have provided the department with the necessary tools and insight to be successful as we continue to strive to provide excellent service to
Then Deputy Chief Mike Crawley (left) and Captain Todd Clayton (right) congratulated Chief Tim Guthrie at his retirement ceremony in February.
the community while moving forward and addressing new challenges.”
During Guthrie’s time with the department, he served as a Patrol and Traffic Officer, Narcotics and General Investigations Detective, Detective and Services Division Sergeant, Services Division Lieutenant, a Captain, Major and eventually Chief.
“When the City Manager and City Council members put their trust in me, one of
my goals was to prepare the department for the future,” says Guthrie. “We’ve increased our community presence, hired some great new officers and made some solid promotions during this time, and
I feel like I have left the department in some very capable hands at the perfect time.”
DID YOU KNOW? The Last Five Salem Police Chiefs either attended or graduated from somewhere other than Andrew Lewis or Salem High School.
Harry Haskins – Clifton Forge H.S. Jimmy Bryant – Northside Jeff Dudley – Northside
Tim Guthrie – William Fleming Mike Crawley – Patrick Henry
Five Salem Police Chiefs in one room – Tim Guthrie, Jeff Dudley, Harry Haskins, Jimmy Bryant and Mike Crawley. | SPRING 2016

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