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New Salem Police Chief Mike Crawley and Deputy Chief Derek Weeks have only been on the job since February 1, and while a lot has happened in a short time, the excitement they have for their new positions continues to grow.
“We are excited about the future of the department,” says Crawley. “We have surrounded ourselves with a lot of young talented people who see this profession as an opportunity to give back and serve the citizens.”
Crawley, 42, began working with the Salem Police Department in December 1999 as a Patrol Officer and was voted Officer of The Year by his peers just three years into his career. After completing field service as a Patrol Officer, he was promoted to the rank of Senior Police Officer and transferred to the Detective Division in 2004 where he was assigned to the Special Investigation Unit.
In 2006, Crawley was transferred to General Investigaton where he rose to the rank of Sergeant in that Division. He also served as Services Division Sergeant and Patrol Division Sergeant before being appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief by Chief Guthrie in 2014.
“Throughout my life I have been exposed to many great leaders who have helped me get to this stage in my career,” says Crawley. “The men and women of the department are fortunate to work in a city where there is an abundance of support for law enforcement from the citizens, and I am truly thankful for this opportunity.”
Crawley’s first order of business was appointing Lt. Derek Weeks as Salem’s new Deputy Chief. Weeks, 41, began his law enforcement career serving four years with the Roanoke City Sheriff’s Office before joining the Salem Police Department in 2001 as a Patrol Officer.
He transferred to Salem’s Detective Division in 2006 and was elected Officer of The Year by his peers in 2007. In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and served in that capacity in the Patrol, Services, and Forensics Divisions. During that period, Weeks graduated from the 81st Session of the Virginia Forensic Science Academy. In 2015, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and since then has served in the Patrol and Detective Divisions.
“I am humbled and grateful to serve this department and this city in this capacity,” he says. “As we move forward, we will continue to build on the foundation set by previous administrators and remain focused on providing excellent police services to the citizens of Salem.”
Salem Clerk of Court Chance Crawford swears in Weeks and Crawley during their ceremony on February 1. | SPRING 2016
 Chris Shelor (left) also serves in the Salem Police Department with his brother Josh, who is a sergeant.
“Having served as Officer Shelor’s direct supervisor in the past, I know firsthand that he is a diligent and hardworking officer who strives to not only represent the Salem Police Department, but the city, in a positive and professional manner,” says Derek Weeks, Salem Deputy Chief of Police.
Shelor is a Salem native and a 2000 graduate of Salem High School. He began his law enforcement career working for the Salem Sheriff’s Office from 2004-12 as a Deputy Sheriff. He joined the Salem Police Department in February of 2012 as a Patrol Officer and was promoted to the rank of Senior Police Officer on July 1, 2015. He is currently assigned to the Forensics Division in the department.
“We are extremely proud to have Chris as part of our organization,” Crawley says. “We’re elated to be able to recognize him with such a distinguished honor.”
    Shelor was presented his badge from former Chief Jeff Dudley in Feburary 2012 when he joined as an officer.

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