Street & General Maintenance

The City of Salem Street and General Maintenance Department provides services to improve the quality of life for citizens and the community. The department is committed to the highest standards of service, operational excellence, integrity, and cost-effective management and is also dedicated to maintaining a well-trained, diverse workforce committed to safety and service.

This department is guided by a director and assistant director, with a manager in charge of each of the five divisions within the department. The Divisions include Building Maintenance, Fleet Management, Landscape Management, Sanitation, and Street. Staff consists of 100 full-time employees with the help of up to 10 seasonal employees.

Our Mission

To efficiently and professionally maintain and improve landscaped areas, various municipal facilities, schools along with their grounds, the City's motor vehicle fleet, refuse collection, public streets, sidewalks, storm drains, street signs, and pavement markings.

We will treat citizens, co-workers, and suppliers, as we would like to be treated while recognizing that services to the public are the department's reason for existing.

We will render service with safety in mind, realizing the best job is one done safely. We expect everyone in our department to embrace safety and believe that every accident is preventable. We are a team of professionals, responsible for each other's safety. We promise to participate in safety and promote its values in our daily work and at home.

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