The City's Recycling Program consists of three operations:

  • Residential drop-off
  • Commercial Recyclable Material collections
  • Co-operative recycling efforts

Citizens have three recycling drop-off centers in the city. One is located in east Salem at 1271 Indiana Street just across from the Street and General Maintenance Department near the Dog Park. The second one is in the west end of the Walmart parking lot on West Main Street. The remaining collection site is centrally located at 114 N Broad Street, in the parking lot behind City Hall near Roanoke College. These full-service centers accept cardboard, plastic Number 1 and Number 2, bi-metal and aluminum cans, mixed paper (phone books, paperback reading books, magazines, junk mail, and envelopes) as well as newspaper. Large amounts of corrugated cardboard also are accepted on Indiana Street. Currently, the city does not accept glass recyclables.

It is extremely important that you keep all plastic bags out of our recycling bins. Plastic bags are the biggest recycling headache when it comes to keeping the flow of materials clean. They tear, slow down conveyor belts during processing, and often get caught in the separation machinery which can lead to expensive repairs. Please do not put plastic bags in the bins. Dump your items in the appropriate area and then take your empty bags to a nearby Walmart or Kroger or Food Lion, where they are gladly accepted.

Do Not Put Plastic Bags or Styrofoam in Our Recycling Containers