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Local Limits

Arsenic, Total0.18 milligrams per liter (mg/L)
BTEX5.0 mg/L
Cadmium, Total0.03 mg/L
Chromium, Total1.95 mg/L
Chromium VI0.06 mg/L
Copper, Total0.50 mg/L
Cyanide, Total0.06 mg/L
Fluoride12.0 mg/L
Lead, Total0.3 mg/L
Mercury, Total0.003 mg/L
Molybdenum, Total1.0 mg/L
Nickel, Total0.23 mg/L
Oil and Grease200 mg/L
pHgreater than 5.0 and less than 12.5
Selenium, Total0.02 mg/L
Silver, Total0.32 mg/L
Temperature65.6 oC
TPH200 mg/L
Zinc, Total0.8 mg/L