Budget Billing Program

Budget Billing Information

Budget Billing enrollment opens once per year after September billing has completed. Please watch for more information in your September bill including applicable deadlines.

Guidelines for the Utility Budget Billing Program

How It Works

The budget billing program is a budgeting tool designed to evenly spread yearly utility costs specific to a residence into 12 equal monthly installments. This alleviates seasonal billing spikes during the winter and summer months when heating and cooling needs significantly increase electric usage and costs.

The budget billing plan is designed to receive 1 payment per month in the exact budget amount as calculated based on account history. Late payments may lead to an account being removed from budget billing and any delinquent account balance due immediately to avoid service interruption. Settlement of the actual utility account balance will occur only if participation in the budget billing plan is terminated.

Who Can Enroll

Residential customers with a 12-month usage history at their current residence who are current on their account (no past due balance) are encouraged to participate. Don't think you qualify? Ask us. Participants of fuel or cooling assistance are not eligible for budget billing per Social Service guidelines.

How to Sign Up

Please see the sign-up instructions included in your September bill. Each billing cycle will receive a deadline based on when the September bill produces to provide ample sign-up time. You may not sign-up until your September bill is completed as these charges are included in the new 12-month calculation.

Already Enrolled?

If you are already enrolled in budget billing, you do not need to sign up again. Any difference between the previous year's monthly budget amount and actual monthly charges will be applied to the new budget calculation. The new monthly budget amount based on the most recent 12-month history will begin with October billing.